One-on-One Counseling – The MN PTAC staff will work with you to identify appropriate federal, state and local agencies and develop marketing strategies. We will guide you through the complex process of government registrations and assist you in becoming a qualified government contractor.

Bid-matching Services – The MN PTAC can automatically match your company's product or service with daily bid notices that show you exactly what the government is buying or planning to buy.

Matchmaking Events – MN PTAC generally hosts or co-hosts a matchmaker event each year where you meet one-on-one with a variety of federal agencies and prime contractors.

GSA Schedules - In 2009 over $35 Billion in goods and services were purchased off GSA Schedules. You may want to learn more about the GSA schedule program and if it is a good option for your company.

Product and Procurement Histories – The MN PTAC can provide you with a technical description and important information about the history of a particular product that has a national stock number (NSN).

Assistance with Registrations –The MN PTAC can help you through the complex maze of registrations that are essential to doing business with the government. We also assist you in the certification process for small business programs.

Assistance with Federal Regulations and Military Specifications – The MN PTAC can provide you with copies of local, state, and federal government regulations, including Military Specifications (MIL-SPECs) and Federal Acquisitions Regulations (FAR).

Proposal Preparation - We'll help you get started with your proposal, we'll review it as it evolves, and we'll recommend ways to make it stronger and more accurate once it's drafted.

Subcontracting Assistance –The MN PTAC can help identify possible subcontracting opportunities with major prime contractors. Companies like General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin and other large contractors that often look for small business suppliers. We can help you make that connection.

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