Certification Assistance

The Minnesota Department of Transportation has a new initiative to significantly increase the number of certified Targeted Group Business (TGB) firms that are able to bid on MnDOT projects. The Targeted Group Business Outreach Initiative will identify women and minority businesses and assist them in the State of Minnesota’s certification process.  Certified TGB’s  will receive a 6% bidding preference on state funded MnDOT projects and MnDOT specialists will also set TGB participation goals on relevant projects.

What is a Targeted Group small business?
To be certified as a Targeted Group small business, the business must be at least 51% owned by a woman, racial minority, or person with a substantial physical disability. In addition, the business must be operated and controlled on a day-to-day as well as long-term basis by the qualifying owner. In other words, ownership is not enough; operational control is also required.

The application for certification as a Targeted Group small business can be downloaded at:

For assistance with the TGB certification application contact:
Mark Cooper at or 612-259-6578.

For additional information and Targeted Group Directory:

TGB Program Workshops
MN PTAC is hosting several workshops in November. Learn more at or register for training at:

Contacts and Resources
The Procurement Technical Assistance Center (MN PTAC) is MnDOT’s resource partner for this initiative. MN PTAC will assist your business in determining eligibility, preparation of the application, and provide you with information about Doing Business with MnDOT. Visit us at

For additional information about Doing Business with MnDOT contact:
Michael Johnson at or 651-366-3329 and visit


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